Interview with Brand / B’rdinary | Edition VI

Who or What has influenced your designs the most?
Mostly I was influenced by the spirit of cartoons and everything else which is linked to my childhood.The other part comes from everyday-media like the internet, books and movies. Consequential Im just doing what I like. I`m not focused on any single market or target group. I never kiss the ass of the masses. Doing everything what is coming out of my mind, influenced by environment.

What do you see as the main goal for the (B)rdinary label?
Main Goal for (B)rdinary is to convey being grateful of life and enjoying it in every part. People these days taking Life to seriously. (B)rdinary is here to change that.

How long does it take you to make a collection, from your first ideas to the printer?
Well the first edition of “(B)” taked around 2 months. Cause I had to make contacts to start everything. Now Im working on the 2nd edtion and Itll be released in a couple of weeks.

What’s you’re favorite era of fashion?(Trend or time period)
I love what is defined as different. At the moment Im loving colorful and playful designs especially from kaws. My taste is developing every day. Just loving one trend or period is stillstand for me.

What’s your Favorite Clothing Line (or than yours) and why?
Of course mine ‘hahaha Seriously at the moment I’m into Kaws, So-Me the Art director of Ed Banger rec., Revolver stories, Boxfresh, The hundreds, Alife, Mishka Freshjive, swagger, evisu. Cause they do what they like and there`re stories behind their illustrations. Its all about Fun.

Why don’t you think many of the main stream designers ‘get it(so to speak)’ any-more? What happened to urban fashion?
well I think there`re lot of creative minds out there. the big players doing to much repeating. Its all been seen years ago. I mean those revivals which are coming every 2 years. Of course you cant reinvent the wheel. Its just the fact they`re thinking in masses not in individual expression. Its all about the $. They forgot that it`s all about the people. In my opinion its not the right way. So it’s the assignment to young minds like us to change that.

What would you advise people who are just starting out?
Be yourself, always be down to earth, be self confident, genuine and remember dreams you had as a child. Nothing is impossible ! No one takes you by the hand. You have to start it by your own. stop wasting time

Next i’ll say a few statements and you’ll finish it for me.. ready?

If I weren’t talking to you right now I’d be…working / out for lunch or with my family & friends

A phrase I use far too often...“Nothing is impossible” & “The Illusion of being special is the cause of any human suffering”

I wish people would take more notice of...mother nature, the aim of their life and the importance of family

A common misperception of me is…the thinking of becoming immortal. Nothing is consistently. People have to learn to let go their inner compulsions.

In a nutshell, my philosophy is this… Everything is coming back to his origin. So enjoy Life & fulfill your dreams ! thank you.