Interview with Designer / La Vie En Rose | Edition VI

How are you feeling at the start of this New Year, any big plans for 2009?
I am not going to say they cliché of 09 is going to be my year line (LOL). But I am talking 09 slow, a year of development you might call it .More focus on what genre I am digging right now and building relationships in the industry .The company might be moving to another state in the middle of this year though and we are all excited about that .But as far as life is 09 is bright for me and my team.

Could you talk a little more about your brand?
Well most people don’t that La Vie En Rose is a Sub-division of Dunstr LLC , Which Houses many of my other companies .But that a whole other interview. La Vie En Rose is sort of like a Ready to wear Couture with a simple twist. I design for all types of women, skinny, plus, kids, anything you can think .I design by my moods not by what hot in the industry. I don’t believe in the concept of a 12 piece matchy matchy collection, Why, because I just don’t feel like it .Sue me!!! I believe every dress, jacket, belt, etc has its own reason for being made and worn.

When you started out did you think it would be a serious business?
Man, when I started it was for the fun .I just liked making cute dresses for me to wear .But then it got crazy when people would ask me for business cards and compliment my dresses. But I realized I had a growing fan base when my Friends would come over and start shopping in my…I now have a sign out list by my door. But really I knew people would like my stuff but I didn’t know how far that would reach .I just got an email from some girls in Russia, who say they have been in love with my stuff since like 06 .I was like damn I just started then.

Does the photo of a celebrity wearing one of your pieces directly boost sales?
Ah Duh (lol) Hell yeah especially with all those hype beast lol. Only issue is that they won’t get the exact look (lol), I do not mass produce. But yeah it would def boost sales and I wouldn’t mind that much .Keri Hilson, Gossyp, Solange get at me!!!

What was the main factor for launching your line when you did?
I don’t consider my line launched honestly ,We are totally in development stages .We are testing the waters seeing how we feel ya know .It’s like getting into the pool. You put your foot in then your legs, wade a little then dive in.

Who are some people you want to be interacting with this year?
I am def excited about working with Miami socialite Chris Phasion .Convention already knows I so want to me The girls of Gossyp.I am have a set goal to met and dress Solange she is like my long lost sister (lol) But anyone who shares my drive and my hunger for a dream is someone I need to be down with.

Lastly, could you talk about any long-term goals you have in mind?
Long term goal this is a hard one, my goals are forever changing. But I definitely just want to excel in my company and bring the underdog to the forefront.