Interview With Clothing Brand / Waffles Girls | Edition VII

We browsed through your myspace and so far we’ve come up with clothing designers, hip hop historians, female empowerment group, and Rocket scientists. What are the Waffles Girls really?
hip-hop historians? are you for real? cuz if that’s a real job we want it. can you imagine the library? it would be so sick. although the “m” section would be impossible to navigate. like what is there like a million mc’s out there or something? annoying. oh and waffles+falafels is our clothing line / street gang.

The title “Waffles + Falafels” itself is a mystery, what inspired the name or who was responsible for it?
well we run the line now but the person who created it all is named waffles. well nicknamed waffles. apparently ate a lot of eggo’s as a kid. and falafels just kinda rhymed. plus they’re pretty delicious!

During your “Back to School” photo shoot video, it was mentioned that you guys are a crazy combo of the Baby sitters club meets the Wu Tang Clan. How is this crazy imagery portrayed through you guys?
basically we do what we think is dope. that’s it. like we don’t really care what other people do, we just do our own thing. be ourselves. haha so corny but true. we dare you to find another clothing line that feeds its models before photoshoots. actually we eat during shoots too. we like doing everything on a full stomach lolz

The majority of your fan base is girls of all ages. As fellow admirers of hip hop what advice would you give them about the images portrayed in the music videos?
ya know what? if that’s your thing, go with it. it ain’t something we’d do but we ain’t judges. we leave that to lil mama who incidentally is pretty damn tough. what’s up with that? but for real, at the end of the day we got love for everybody. life’s too short to hate on people just cuz of stuff they do. people is people ya know? get in where ya fit in. hey that’s a too $hort lyric. weeeeeird.

There’s an opening for the 5th Waffles+Falafels member, so we were just wondering can Convention be down? Lol. But seriously name the top five celebs that will always be honorary Waffles Girls for life.
of course convention can be down. if you can do gymnastics there’s probably a good chance too. as for honorary waffles girls, we’ve been blessed to have made so many good friends over the years it’s tough to narrow it down. but if there’s only five we’d have to say foxy brown, avril lavigne, fefe dobson, carmen sandiego and smurfette. 60% of them wear waffles+falafels lolz.

We cannot forget to mention the line of limited t-shirts that you offer on your website (http://www. wafflestore. com/store3). What was the brainstorm process like for the shirts?
well first we gotta say that we got a new website coming up real soon. that’ll be at and it’ll have some brand new shirts, photos, and just straight up nuttiness. your family will love it. your grandparents are probably going to be addicted to it. w+f is taking over old people’s homes. its gonna be sick. with regards to the designs, they’re all inspired by girls. real girls. not things big brands are trying to shove down our throats. stuff we’re genuinely into. and we refuse to half-step on anything. if it’s not creative and it’s not something somebody would look at and be like “whoa”, it’s not w+f!

  • Anonymous

    The waffles girls have and always have been the shit, they are intelligent and funny. Plus speak to the independence of voice that is needed in young waffles. I’m pretty sure they have been exporting their swag to the UK, and South Asia. I WILL BE THE NEXT WAFFLES GIRL! or maybe my little girl will, all I’m saying is WAFFLES GURLZ 4 LIFE. Convention Mag just got more respect from the Dirty South.