Interview with Super Model / Daniela Sendula | Edition VIII

Why does it seem as if the best talent—art, fashion, music, you name it—is usually the undiscovered talent? As you walk the malls, gazing at the sultry full-length posters of Victoria Secret’s Angels peering back at you with smoky bedroom eyes, it could make you wonder if VS has got the cream-of-the- crop to represent their name. If that has ever cross your mind, you’re wrong. Meet Daniela Sendula, a model with enough versatility to be commercial one day and haute couture another. Not only does this Austrian beauty have enough to land the cover of Italian Vogue but she possesses a sense of modesty that makes her oh-so more amazing.

What is new in your life right now (including modeling work)?

I am working a lot these days, so, I am not pursuing ventures outside modeling. Modeling is keeping me so busy!

If you could work for any top-name designer, who would it be?

I love so many designers! I do not believe I could possibly choose one! I love the classic designers, as well as the new designers.

What would you say attracts people to you?

I believe that we attract what we portray. I am inspired by love, and keep love in my heart always. I believe people can see that within me.

How do you maintain such an exquisite face and figure (or simply what are your beauty secrets)?

Thank you so much! “Exquisite?” You honor me with that! I do not have a secret. As far as “beauty” goes, I believe that I got lucky at birth! I do like my look, and I embrace it.

What is your biggest inspiration in life?

Without a doubt, my biggest inspiration, and my motivation, is love. Love for me includes my fellow man, my planet and our future

What do you love most about modeling?

I can express myself creatively and artistically through my work. That does not mean that my work is easy! Modeling is creative, and physically taxing. Having said that, I must say – I love my job!

If you could invite anyone to a dinner party, who would it be?

Again, I am inspired by so many people, past and present, that choosing among them would be very difficult, indeed. My party would include people who inspired change, and showed care and concern for others.

Words: Kenya Joy Nelson

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