Interview with Artist / Lichiban | Edition VIII

How do you describe your Art to people?

My works are intended to be portals to another soul-space dimension. I believe that everything is made of vibration: energy, music, images, all life forms, and even our thoughts and feelings have frequencies. Things and events manifest and get material form by means of vibrations. So when I do art, I translate certain frequencies to images.

In a previous cycle of existence, humans were able to communicate with these frequencies without the use of mediators such as phone and internet, just by using the power of the mind. Then we lost it as a result of misuse and abuse. Today we are evolving to a higher level of consciousness and are given the opportunity to elevate our minds to a higher space, a level where we can learn to manifest realities by recovering our ancient wisdom: by using our creative imagination, the faculty that deals with vibrations. But this requires that we go through a thorough healing, cleansing self-examination and a spiritual evolution, or else we will end up like our ancestors-‘the masons of Babel’- and destroy ourselves again. It is a time of awakening, and I’d like to think of myself as a seeker and trailblazer trying to find a way to the light by doing what I’m best at, making art. I hope that my personal path contributes to this larger process by inspiring others to seek a more authentic and spiritual way of life…a life that is guided by love and the recognition that while there are infinite galaxies and other forms of lives, there is only one planet Earth and we all have come from the same source, and thus we can recognize ourselves in others…but if we fail ourselves by getting caught up in greed for power, we might end up erasing ourselves from the history of this galaxy. Frankly, I feel my art is in its embryonic phase, and I just have to be patient with myself and find the time and environment where I can truly manifest all that I have in store. But even in this phase, the intention is to create portals to a type of energy (and to the spiritual message behind it) that furthers the positive evolution. It’s a whole life journey, and my art is just beginning to manifest all that I’ve been learning and distilling in the past years of soul-searching.

So what is the motivation behind your whole movement?

To manifest the best of my potential spiritually, creatively and as a human being invested in the betterment of the world around me and the elevation of the self. Art is my weapon and also the vehicle of my love/sexual/creative energy, it is what makes me feel alive and free…so motivation comes from the love of creating and calling into being the invisible world. If you mean movement in a broad sense, I do have an investment in building a community of artists and visionaries who are on the same path of elevating the spirit. I have been blessed to live and meet some of the most amazing artists in Brooklyn and be part of planting the seeds of a new art movement…the spiritual revolution is growing.

Who are some people you would like to work with?

I love collaborating, so I could list a LOT of people here whose work I love and would like to mix up with mine. I have plans to work with my artist family Nikki Ntu & Melo-X, Kesed, Jesse Boykins III, Raye 6, Dolphin, Waajeed, Crunc Tesla, Replife, Vanguardbots, Imany Waddy (GAS’D), Marthalicia and Joel Mejia just to name a few. Aside from painting and illustration, I would like to art direct videos and short films that would combine my animated work with some magic theatre type of project…I would love to work on a video for Mos Def or Grace Jones…and on films with Alejandro Jodorowsky…the list is looong! If you are an animator and would like to work with my characters, holler!

How does music influence your work?

I always listen to music while I’m working…it is an essential component of the process. Music is energy (vibration, remember) gives me extra energy and in a certain way I channel some of the sound into my pieces.

How is the internet changing your craft?

It’s a gift and a curse. It’s great because it is one of the most democratic platform for artists. I’m all for free creative expression, so I like the fact that anyone can throw up their work online and people can have access to so many amazing artists’ work globally. You don’t have to go through the traditional gatekeepers to show what you got. It allows you to share your work with the world instantly and reach out to people who see things similarly or get moved by your creations (something I haven’t dream of when I was living back in Hungary in the 90s and fantasizing about being an artist), but it is after all the matrix…a distracting & addictive presence that I feel like one has to master in order to not to get too caught up in it. Like with everything else, it is what you make of it.

Do you feel like what you are doing is important?

Of course, or else I wouldn’t do it…there were times in my life when I felt that what I was doing was unimportant and those feelings always led me to feeling depressed and conflicted. I believe that the key to a happy life is finding a way to express your flow and feeling the satisfaction from doing what you love. In my utopia, the basis of a happy society is that people are free and passionate about expressing themselves so envy and the whole damn hater mentality (=insecurity) doesn’t enter the scene. Like with everything else in the world, some people will connect with my work, while some people won’t, and that is perfectly ok and in any case it shouldn’t be the motivation to do it.

When you started out did you think it would be a serious business?

Drawing was always my number one passion, and as a little kid, I imagined my adult world as an artist. Then the time to pick a carrier came and I chose something else (and would keep on changing it unsatisfied) until I finally came back to my original passion. Art is a form of play and it often gets romanticized, but the reality is that neither the state nor wealthy patrons are waiting for you when you are starting your carrier to make sure that you have the means of doing your job full time…you will end up as a starving artist unless you make it into a serious business. And yes, sometime it will look like you are pimping yourself, but it’s ultimately on you how you manage your ego and your personal growth while you’re trying to put your work out there. The best I could do was to stay honest and throw my heart fully in it and do or die!

Must art have a relationship to the rest of the world?

I don’t believe in musts when it comes to art…I think art IS the artist’s relationship, or way of communicating, to the rest of the world, whether it be the human, the extraterrestial or the imaginary world.

Lastly, could you talk about any long-term goals you have in mind?

As far as improving my craft, I would like to learn to paint like Tibetan monks who use painting as a spiritual practice, a form of meditation. They make the most detailed, intricate mandalas and tankhas to illustrate and memorize their soteriological teaching— so while making it, they are mediating on the path to liberation, painting their way to enlightenment. I would like to go bigger, use paint that I made myself and get more into details…really refine my work. I might have to take a break from the city and go to a more quiet place where I can really refine my craft. I’d like to get back to travel mode and study with artists from other cultures and share what I know in exchange. I am a humanitarian at heart, and I hope to use my role and power as an artist to make positive changes in others’ lives.
I also see myself as a community-builder and I’ve been consciously connecting peoples with similar vibrations to further the creation of an art movement invested in helping to elevate the spirit to the next evolutionary level. Dream big to manifest big…on every level.
Thank you!