Interview with Clothing Brand / Triple L Society | Edition IX

How do you describe your Brand to people?
Triple L Society is a growing life style brand with a high-end urban ready to wear feel. Dabbling in many areas of fashion and art it is very hard to expect what is coming next out of the House of Triple L.

What is the motivation behind your whole movement?
The motivation behind Triple L Society is for one, the love of art. Triple L Society’s motivation is also rooted from the need to send out the message that “struggle is the key to success.” Live Life Lavish.

When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?
During my junior year in high school I was recognized for the things I made for personal use. This later on lead to people requesting custom designs and the creation of the brand “Three’s Lavish” which is now know as “Triple L Society”.

And what was the first article of clothing you ever designed?
The first article that I designed was a custom sports jacket, which included hundreds of safety pins and a couple Castelbajac patches. Funny thing is while visiting an art store in Soho, New York I meet an older woman who told me my jacket reminded her of a designer from the 80’s I’m not to sure of the designers name, but she loved it and at that point I realized that I may have something going for myself.

What was the main factor for launching your line when you did?
Over the period of three years from my first design until Summer 2007 I managed to gather a small group of support from my customers who networked my products to friends and throughout New York. The support and the buzz created in the urban fashion world lead me to the inevitable decision of launching the line Triple L Society.

What is your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?
I would have to say taking a particular message or symbol and turning it into an article of clothing or what I like to call a work of art.

Do you feel like what you are doing is important?
Yes I feel if you have a talent you should use it and perfect it, because there is a reason why you were given this gift. On a personal note I believe that my eye for what looks good and the ability to create new things shouldn’t be taken for granted. Therefore, with the use of talent and relaying a positive message while not conforming to mundane trends is the reason why I sincerely believe Triple L Society in important in the fashion world.

Your concepts are very unique and original is there a pressure to always maintain that consistency with your new designs?
Consistency and keeping up the image of your brand is the key no matter which field you’re into. Every time I involve myself in a new project I try to represent the message I am trying to portray. One of my main tricks I guess you can call it is recognizing the trends but never following suite. Therefore, striving to maintain Triple L Society’s unique attributes will be challenging however, as stated before “struggle is the key to success.

How do you separate yourself from others?
Creativity is the key in distinguishing your brand in the world of fashion. An evolving target market for your brand also helps you to separate your self from others. Moreover, being a trendsetter, while not manufacturing “more of the same,” or conforming to the past and present trends is what separates Triple L Society from the rest.

Would you sell if someone came along and offered to buy you out?
At this point I would have to say NO because Triple L Society is still growing. As a designer and owner of Triple L Society I have received many offers but have turned down most. I believe a strong base is needed when you’re starting a company and if the base of your brand is not structured correctly; anyone can come along and change your image.

Lastly, could you talk about any long-term goals you have in mind?
Long term goals for Triple L Society and my self as a designer are as follows; firstly, is to expand Triple L Society’s target market, it’s grasp in the fashion world and becoming a household brand. Triple L Society will also dabbling in other areas other than fashion such as home etc etc etc…. Presently, the main goal is marketing the brand to creating entry into the high-end market and or department stores with intensions of opening up an exclusive Triple L Society boutique.