Interview with Performing Artist / Jovi Rockwell | Edition IX

How would you describe your music?
My music is a blend of elements of reggae, pop and rock. I sing/ sing-jay/ rap/dejay on my songs so its not just one vibe its different sides of me but always that good feeling! I think thats what makes me unique as an artist.

So what is the motivation behind your whole movement?
Rebel. Love . Goddess.. I say this because if I describe myself in just 3 words those would be them. Im alway singing from 1 of these perspectives or maybe all at once. I’ll sing out about not conforming to what is “expected” of me, or write a song about a relationship, making-up breaking-up or do a song touching on a conscious tip.

Who are some people you would like to work with?
I would love to work with Kanye West or Alicia Keys.

Who have you worked with that you were excited to collaborate with?
I recorded a song with Akon and Im really excited about the record. He is such a talented and unique artist and Im grateful for the opportunity to work with him.

What are your thoughts about the increasing integration of dance and hip hop?
Im cool with it.. music is not meant to be just one thing.

How is the internet changing your craft?
Everything is digital now, music is a click away, even what a artist does daily can be tracked on twitter, you tube or facebook. Its the way it is now, fans want to really know you and see you as they see themselves.

What are you currently looking forward too?
Im really looking forward to the release of my upcoming album. I am so proud of myself and all the hard work that was put into making the album and each record, I cant wait to share with everyone.

When you started out did you think you would reach so far?
Oh boy!! (smile) You have to believe in yourself as an artist and always reach for the stars, no matter what obstacles may come in your way and when I started out I just loved creating songs and singing them and i’ll just stick with that and go where faith leads me.

How do you separate yourself from others?
I just remain the ME i’ve always been.. I never want to be a part of the crowd.

Where, are you most inspired?
At home or maybe in a plane 30,000 ft high in the air. I’ve written a few songs up there.

Is there any message you would like to send to your fans?
I’d like to thank all my fans for your love and support.. i wouldn’t be where i’m at if it weren’t for you guys!

What is the BEST way to get in contact with you?
Contact My Management. Brian Wade
P: 954 8617542

Words: JataliBrit