Interview with Performing Artist / Avision | Edition X

Could you talk a little more about your Music?
1st off I’d like to Thank Convention Magazine for this opportunity, I whole heartedly appreciate this.

I guess my music is a way for me to exhibit myself to others, to bear all of my qualities, the vulnerable and the strong ones. I wish my music could talk about me though. I guess it can in many ways, considering I make the music to express what I’m experiencing. We learn about cultures and people simply by observing how they express themselves. So when I sing, I try my best not to be perfect, but rather, to be honest with the listener. I’ve had no formal vocal lessons, so if I can’t hit a note, I’ll just do the best I can, or find an alternative, which is what life is all about right? trying. I made an effort to listen to artists like Rick james, phil Collins, Don Henley, Sade, Pat Bennetar, Dave Matthews Band, Billy Idol, Mike and The Mechanics, Simon&Garfunkel, Fifth Element, Cameo, Peter Gabriel the list goes on, and I enjoyed listening to these artists because there seemed to be nothing standing in the way of you the listener and them the artist. You could identify with them in a way, for instance a song like ”In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel is universal and a song like ”Cherish the day” by Sade is intimate and honest. So if you take for instance a song of mine like ”Sail Away” about one’s desire to retreat and experience true Love, anyone can relate to that.

So what is the motivation behind your whole movement?
Well, it’s interesting you say movement because, the music itself is a means for me to progress as a person, to keep pushing myself further, to move into areas of myself that may or may not be comfortable. For instance, a song like ”Big Deal” exposes how rejected I felt by a certain someone, and it wasn’t easy for me to admit that,and in doing so, I grew, I moved into another realm of myself. That’s what I hope people are doing when they listen to my music. A lot of artists say that they’d like to change the world with a movement, but we all know where we have to begin before we can take on an effort like that, with ourselves. So I can say, that, My motivation for the movement is to find the strength to move myself, all the while inspiring others to move as well.

What was the main factor for launching your career when you did?
When I realized the fact that expressing myself was healthy and that If I could get paid to express myself, and at the same time grow as a person, it would be the greatest career. What’s better than getting paid to do, what you want, when you want to?. but on the other hand, I decided to take it seriously when I realized how much people were affected by my music in positive ways. It’s very satisfying to see the smiles on people faces after hearing a song of mine, so the main factor was the satisfaction of touching hearts, which is what we all want to do in some way or another.

Who are some people you would like to work with?
Oh WOW, lets see, I’d love to work with Al Green, Sting, Prince, real artists. Bat For Lashes, Santo Gold, David Bowie, even if it was just to watch them work, I would be satisfied! LOL

How is the Internet changing your craft?
Well with outlets like Hype Machine, Current, Imeem, Sound Cloud, it’s a lot easier to promote than it was 15 years ago, I mean, all people have to do is hear your name once, go home and type your name in a little box and Vwallaaa!, everything associated with you pops up, I couldn’t ask for anything more. The only downside to that is, it’s like swimming with one million other fish in one fish bowl, and everyone wants to get to the top for a little fish nip.

Are you down with the whole twitter thing?
Well initially, yeah, I really liked the whole idea of people posting what they were doing at any given moment, it was an innovative way to get in touch with what people really did on a daily basis, and to compress or rather put into a comprehensible perspective what we see as a huge disconnected world. Kind of made you feel closer to people around the world. but once I realized that telling 10,000 people I was at home watching re-runs of Miami vice wasn’t getting me anywhere, I started promoting instead, so yes, I’m down with the whole Twitter thing lol

Do you feel like what you are doing is important?
Absolutely, it’s important because my goal is simple, to make people feel, Love, Live, if I can inspire people to Live and Love themselves, then my job is done. Any effort that involves helping others is important. Everyone has a purpose, and the universe will let you know in various ways, all you have to do is be honest about your intentions and the universe will guide you, inform you, and validate your efforts with signs, dreams, and events in unconventional ways lol. Which is why I use the moniker AVISION, it stands for everyone’s vision, everyone has a dream, and in order to see dreams you have to have vision. I have witnessed enough signs to know that what I’m doing is important, and I do what I do, to unite people. That’s what’s so special about a dance floor, it’s only purpose is to serve as a place for people to get along and have a good time, regardless of the cultural, racial or social differences, I am the music and the dancefloor LOL

When you started out did you think it would be a serious business?
kind of, I was aware of how lucrative a music career could be, but I was so in love with making music that I never really saw it as a business venture, but it became serious when I realized I could inspire feelings and deep critical thoughts in people.

How do you separate yourself from others?
I try not to separate myself, but rather compliment others with uniqueness. I know that now a days music can easily sound redundant, So I don’t necessarily say, I’ll try and be different, I just produce honest material. Honesty is the key to uniqueness, it’s the only way an Artist will be able to stand out from the others.

Lastly, could you talk about any long-term goals or talents you have in mind? Can we look out for an upcoming Avison clothing line or TV show etc..
My ultimate goal is to launch a couple foundations and global outreach programs. I’d like to establish an organization that provides consistent resources, such as school supplies, basic utensils, clothing and other standard living commodities. Yeah a TV show would be nice, but only if it’s about an honest effort to help people, and a clothing line? yeah why not, anything that I can use as means to generate proceeds to help others.