Interview with Photographer / Loany G | Edition X

How do you describe your Photography to people?
My aim, my vision is “Clean Cut & Classic”. I love simplicity in photographs. I try to keep my photos as natural as possible.

I see your Photography in a wide range of subjects from beauty to music artist, what’s your favorite?
Fashion Editorial Photography is what I’m into, I’m just getting my feet wet with it, but it is something I am pursuing and love to do. Now, don’t get me wrong I love to shoot artist but I rather it be an editorial style, something that can be seen as a magazine spread. I also love to shoot people in “their element” I shot a couple music artists (C4 & Skillz) in DC in an actual studio, I shot tattoo artist,Ray Ray, while he was working and drawing and when I did the shoot with rapper JSUN I told him to just “do him” had him to play his music in the background during the shoot and all the shots I captured wasn’t “posed”. I love the the natural feel of a photo, when it doesn’t look too staged.

Did your early photographic goals include earning a living from photography, or did it start as a way to express yourself creatively?
Absolutely not, I only wish I knew that I could put a price on passion back then. As a child I was a true artist, I use to draw people, characters, make comics and run around with my parents Polaroid all day. Hell, when I use to go to the grocery store with my mom, I stayed in the magazine section ripping’ pages of photographs out of the magazines…yea yea, I know that was bad, but back then , I didn’t know but what I did know is that “I LOVE THIS PICTURE”, so…I took it, lol. It was always a way to express myself creatively, away to express my mood & my ideas. Never started off as a way to earn a living, I was too small to even think about earning a living.

Do you remember your first photography sale?
Yup, it was with one of the artist I shot recently, he even even added an extra tip! LOL! I mean, that was my first REAL sell. I use to charge for a little change back when I was shooting with a $60 samsung from walmart (4.0 MP) lol, but nothing that could pay bills, I was only able to cop a few items from the ice cream truck from what I first started charging.

Who are some people you would like to work with?
Wow, my list is like a bottomless hole, its never ending! As far as photographers I would LOVE to work with what I call the Atlanta, Georgia dream team, Dblanks, Rob Ector, Allen Cooley, Hannibal Matthews. Always wanted to work with Terry Richardson, his photography is SO REAL!
Models Omahyra Mota, she’s so hot to me! any women that can model Male and Female clothing and still look sexy are the greatest. Any High fashion model, I’d love to work with. I love working with up & coming artist, those who are serious about their craft and trying to get their foot in the door. But pretty much, I’m open to working with anyone.

Do you feel like what you are doing is important?
Of course, photography makes the world go ’round. People love visuals. If it wasn’t for photography, a lot of people and publications would be out of business.

Must art have a relationship to the rest of the world?
Definitely! Art is the world. Rather people choose to believe it or not everything is art. Every skill, every talent, down to every facial expression is a form of art.

Lastly, could you talk about any long-term goals you have in mind?
Long term goals?…eh, just travel the world, meet & shoot different people. I do plan to have my own studio but that’s not really a big concern, knowing that I’ll probably never be there because of my love for shooting in scenes and on location.