About Special Edition XV

Welcome to the 2nd installment of Art is Life!!

About 3 months ago I was sitting on my couch, fresh off the heels of our first art show, (which was pretty dope,) thinking about my next move for AIL.

Art is Life is a group of artists who refuse to be mediocre. Art is Life is about creating special moments and creating platforms for them to showcase their art in whatever field it happens to be.

Enter Convention Magazine. I heard about these guys from my peers and said “shit, I wanna curate a whole fucking magazine.” I wanted to feature artists who are the very best in their respective industries. The next icons! Ambitious task seeing as I have no magazine experience. We met @ McDonald’s, tossed around ideas and came up with Art is Life/Convention Magazine Polaroid Edition.

3 months later the final product is HERE!!!

I couldn’t have done this without the help from some amazingly talented people. I want to give a thank u to Andrew and Chris and the Convention magazine crew!!! Aaron, Pierre, MEGA, Chris Live, Sham Shirley, Mahelia de Randamie and the dopest Editor at Large Ms. Julia Dodson. We are very proud of this body of work and I’m happy to introduce you to GREATness.. All of the writers thank you!!!

And a big congrats to Jason Scott on his new gig @ Cornerstone!! Dopeness!!


Joseph Harleston Hayes III
Art is Life

Special Editorial Staff

Curator: Joseph Harleston Hayes III
Editor: Julia Dodson
Art Direction: Aaron Ginsberg
Photography: Joseph Harleston Hayes III
PR: Mahelia De Randamie
Contributing Writers:
RaVal Davis
W.F. Striebe
Chris Live
Kenia Duarte
Barakat Livan
Neal Curtis

About Art Is Life

ART IS LIFE is a means to express our creative endeavors in an environment that is not motivated by commercial concerns. It is an extension of our efforts as a creative firm to continue planting our roots in the art world. Moreover by working with our affiliate partners we are able to commission exhibitions and projects both stateside and abroad launching satellite projects that draw directly from local artists. We also invite select clients to join us and participate in special projects that we will be curating year round. From philanthropy to the purely creative, ART IS LIFE