All You Need Is Love / Pierre Francillon| Edition XV

“I live life everyday like it’s Christmas or my birthday!!!” there isn’t a more befitting philosophy for Pierre Francillon, a master artist and New York art world darling. He’s got me completely enthralled in a conversation about life, love, and of course, art. And still yet I can’t take my eyes off the pendent around his neck—a penis embellished with wings.

Francillon, has a lovely melange of ideas and perspectives about everything under the sun; it’s the culmination of such notions and ideologies that make him and his work so appealing to a plethora of people. Francillon, born and raised in Brooklyn has taken life’s lemons and transform them into lemon meringue pie. Being raised in a West Indian family his love for life, colors and textures were everywhere. “I knew this was my destiny since the tender age of 3. All I wanted to do was make beautiful and interesting work of art that would impact peoples heart, mind and spirit,” he says.

Growing up in Brooklyn, Pierre was given many opportunities to discover art. Pierre says, “There were so many amazing art programs within Brooklyn while I was growing up, due to the art programs I had access to create beautiful works of art right on my fingertips.” One of his many blessings was being able to call Jean Michel Basquiat, a friend “I’m one of the few people in this world that had the pleasure to really rock with Basquiat not many people can say that,” Pierre says. Basquiat eventually became was Pierre’s mentor, Pierre says, “Basquiat took me under his wing, he would tell me to be fearless with my creations and to never be afraid of color!”

After Basquiat’s death Pierre moved to Barcelona, he says, “While I lived in Spain I fell in love with art all over again I learned how to make ‘entradas’ [entrances] for houses.” In Spain he fell in love with turning awkward and unexpected objects into beautiful forms of art. Pierre says, “I love turning the least expected object into a beautiful work of art, so I always keep my eyes open to the possibility that my next work of art is right around the corner.” Pierre’s favorite piece from his own collection is ‘Love Veve’ which means ‘Just to Love’. It’s no surprise this is his favorite piece, since his greatest inspiration is love. It’s also no surprise how much his work is loved.

As my interview with Pierre was coming to an end I had the pleasure to ask Pierre a few questions and they go as follow:

What is your favorite masterpiece that you’ve painted?
Love Veve, I love this painting so much because of the power symbols.

Who is your Favorite Artist?
Wassily Kandinsky.

What is your favorite painting?
Water Lilies by Claude Monet.

What is your favorite book?
The Book of Enoch.

Who are your favorite authors?
Anais Nin and Djuna Barnes.

Most interesting moment in your career so far?
Painting with Kenny Scharf.

What is the crux of your creative process ?
“I live and I keep an eye on texture.”

What is your best career moment?
It’s still coming.

What is your worst career moment?
When Jean Michel Basquiat died.

Your favorite museum?
The Prado Museum in Madrid Spain.

Most interesting place you’ve ever visited?
Jacmel, Haiti.

Favorite neighborhood in NYC?
Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Words: Kenia Duarte