Interview with Design Collective / Anmlhse | Edition XII

Describe your Brand As if we were all blind:
Well if you were blind, I’d be your seeing-eye dog describing our brand in Braille and this is what I would say :. (dot dot) :: .. (dot dot) ..: (dot). But no seriously, we are a Philadelphia based design collective, party aficionados, beer pong champions, and think tank. We are sort of like a modern version of the cast of Animal House – we kick down doors and take names. There are no rules here and we sort of like it that way.

When did you realize you wanted to become a designer and what was the first article of clothing you ever designed?
Graphically, I don’t believe we ever set out to become clothing designers, but we made designs that we loved so much that we decided to put it on our everyday clothing. So if you were blind, we’d actually sell you a blank t-shirt. Sorry. The first pieces we designed to be printed were called Dusk & Dawn that we used as our start off point. They both were a simple gradient crest logo printed for both our male and female customers. That was 2 years ago so I don’t know how many people actually remember that.

How would you define your city’s fashion?
Here in Philadelphia there are a lot of different styles and personalities. Each person here brings out their personal art in their appearance. The style is very comfortable. Here in Philly people impress themselves, it’s our motivation. I guess you can say it’s all LOVE.

When you started out did you think it would be a serious business?
Serious, No. A business, YES. When we first started, we never thought about the exposure we would receive and in a matter of a month we were all over the net. It sort of sparked more of an interest that we could actually run a business doing what we liked. A year later, we created a lifestyle that people can instantly associate with and recognize. Two years later and we’re still doing what we love most.

How is the internet changing your craft?
It changes our craft in a good way because it expands our market in a broad sense and makes it easier for our work to be seen. We’re able to network, make sure people get to know us and stay grounded when coming up with new projects that the people would want to see. For example, when we first displayed designs we did of ourselves on MySpace, some of our close friends we’re interested as well. After doing a few for them, word spread that we were doing free designs for all our friends and that’s when we begin blowing up. We’ve been able to get in contact with tons of notable people with our work and have since been using it as our foundation to keep developing our craft through the web.

Your concepts are very unique and original is there a pressure to always maintain that consistency with your new designs?
BrianTheDogg: Most definitely. Maintaining consistency is difficult for the simple fact that when it comes to designs, we always have to out-do our last project. Every new project, we make it as if it’s our last. But when it comes to originality, that’s no problem because all we have to do is stay true to ourselves. the meantime, sit back and enjoy the AnmlHse show!

Do you consider yourself an artist?
We consider ourselves artists even though the definition of art is very opinionated. There are a lot of people that consider themselves artists but don’t create art. We always try to make sure we keep some sort of integrity when it comes to our art. We have tried to form our own style of art from the beginning so people can identify with our work. Also, having studied in some form of visual art have helped us along the way as well as our experiences in the field.

Who are some people you want to be interacting with this year?
We’d like to work with people who are hard working, think outside the box, truly original and revolutionary artists; people that maintain respectability to their line of work. Some notable names we’ve worked with in the past are ALIEN NYC, The Villain’s Lair, Fresh Melt Water, Theo Martins and The Paxtons. To list a few names of people we would like to work with in the future, photographer Tone, Award Tour, Snob Scrilla and Tu Phace. On another note, we enjoy interacting with anyone that sends a warm greeting our way.

Lastly, could you talk about any long-term goals you have in mind?
We are currently in the talks with some major media networks about a new project we have been working on for almost a year. Other than that we have random projects in the works, more monthly events, and a few upcoming collaborations. Eventually, we’d like to be more globally recognized and become more of a household name. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the AnmlHse show!