Interview with Fashion Model / Victoria Ortiz | Edition XII

What does the word fashion mean to you?
Fashion to me is art and an amazing way of expression. I remember that at one point growing up I wanted to be a fashion designer, I even had a sketch book!!! and I believe it was all just because ever since I can remember I have loved clothes, shoes and all the accessories I can get my hands on. Living in a City like New York, fashion becomes a big part of you weather you are conscious of it or not….. There’s so many amazing visions and styles everywhere you look !!! I just can’t get enough of it.

How do you describe yourself to people?
UHMMMM This is a hard one…. there’s so many sides to me I don’t think I could go though it all without boring you lol… I am a very complex woman!!! But in a nutshell I would say that: I am an extremely driven person that loves to hag out @ home, a perfectionist who loves love to laugh, im an animal lover, a shoe lover, a fashion lover, an art lover, a music lover , a vegetarian , a sleepy head that when up is full of energy , a creative mind, a fighter with a sweet soul, I love to be mentally stimulated, and I am very spiritual… how does that sound???

What is the motivation behind your Modeling career?
Honestly performing is MY LIFE, my passion….I just don’t know about anything else in life that totally fulfils me in every way!!!! Ever since I can remember I used to play with my barbies and pretend they were in a fashion show or a soap opera. I would also put on shows in my living room for my parents where I would do all kinds of things like sing act model etc.
I feel so blessed to be able to see my dreams materializing, I am grateful for everything god has sent my way and for all the people that have ever supported me!!!!!

What was Your first big Modeling gig and how did you react?
mmmm I think I gave the answer to this one in the last question, I just talk to much lol!!! Each and every modeling job weather big or small, and weather my experience was good or bad on set , have taught me so much and have helped me grown as a person and a professional.

What was the main factor for launching your career when you did?
My drive, hard work and how much I believed in myself…. This is the type of industry that will try to break you down like no one has ever done before. I always tell people this must really be your biggest passion in life for you to really be able to make it through it all….. I have always kept in mind someone a very important producer told me ” Just keep going, no matter what don’t stop!!!! This career is not always for the most beautiful or even talented, the ones that persevere will be the ones to get to the top!!!”

What is your favorite part about Modeling?
The fact that I love the feeling of being in front of the camera and be able to become, if I want to, something different everytime…. It just reminds me of when I was a little girl and I used to play dress up, it was always fun!!!

As a female model your concepts are very unique and original is there a pressure to always maintain that consistency in your photo shoots?
Thanks for the props, im glad you like my work :) In this industry there’s a lot of competition so in a way there is always that pressure to be the best at what you do, but I honestly use my photo shoots as a way of self expression. I have always been a very creative person, I ve been told that I still have the imagination of a child. The shoots and concepts I come up with, allow me to release everything that’s inside of my mind and heart. So to me its more something that gives me joy and pride that something that I do because im under pressure from someone else…. but I do believe , that in life to get far in ANY industry consistency is one of the most important things in everything you do.

How do you separate yourself from others?
I will say the number one thing is that I never wait for anyone to give me anything, I do whatever I can to reach my goals regardless of the circumstances im put into. When I came to New York from Mexico I knew no one out here , and in a short period of time I was able to put myself in the position where I was making a living out of doing what I love the most modeling, acting, hosting and singing…… I believe that I am an extremely hardworking woman, I would even call myself a workaholic… I honestly cant go for more than 5 days (even on vacation) without going insane if im not working to my fullest potential!!!! I just love everything I do and if I don’t love it I just don’t do it!!! I am also very business minded, I believe that nowadays talent can only get you so far, and the difference between the people that do this for a little while and the ones that create a legacy in this industry is their business sense. I am always coming up with ideas and concepts to strengthen my personal brand and my business, which is a boutique agency located in Dumbo, Brooklyn

Could you talk about any long-term goals and other talents you have in mind?
Well I am currently working on a variety show for Telemundo , “Telefiesta”, as one of the host and it is very exciting…. I love being able to act silly and really display my personality!!! I am also working on a couple of other projects for TV and music!!! As well as on my Agency and an online vintage clothing store which im planning to launch by spring 2010.