Interview with Performing Artist / Ginelle | Edition XII

Describe your sound as if we were deaf
I call my sound Urban Pop. In a more descriptive way, my sound is sweet like candy with and edge like a razor blade mixed with a little bit of the streets. It’s like a pack of stampeding horses. You don’t need to hear it to know it’s coming, because you can feel it.

What producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspirations?
One of my main inspirations is Diana Ross. She does what she does so flawless and effortlessly. I love that her talent is so natural and she carries her self like such a lady! I want to leave an everlasting impression like she has. I would also have to say Beyonce. The woman is a ferocious beast.
Her talent is so powerful that people only focus on her music and know little to none about her personal life! That is how it should be! Music should be the only thing that really matters!

What was the main factor for launching your career when you did?
I have been recording and writing music for the past six years.
I feel like I have finally found a sound and style that defines who I am as an artist. The time is now!

Who are some people you would like to work with?
As of right now, I have two artists in particular I would love to work with.
Ryan Leslie is one and the other is Will.i.Am. I love the creativity that both of them display. Both of them have very distinct sounds that you can tell apart from anyone else. I love that about them and I want people to hear my music and know that it’s OhGinelle.

How is the Internet changing your craft?
The Internet has definitely changed the game. It helps and hurts artist.
For me, the Internet is a great way for me to promote my music.
There are so many networking sites these days. You can get links to my MySpace, twitter, and YouTube by visiting my website They are all great ways to get my music around the world.

Do you feel like what you are doing is important?
Absolutely! My music is what I love and I could not imagine living with out it.
Music is an outlet for me and many others. There have been so many times that I have been going through things, and music has gotten me through them. Music is a way to send a message to the world. I would love to have some one listen to one of my songs and feel like I have helped them deal with a tough situation. Music can make you happy, sad, it can bring out all of your emotions, and that can be a great thing.

Lastly, could you talk about any long-term goals or talents you have in mind?
I want to be a brand internationally. I want to be able to do something for a living that I love. Eventually I want to start a charity for orphans in third world countries. I hate seeing children suffer. I also want to learn how to play the drums!