Interview with Tatum Mazzili

Hey Tatum glad to have you here. The first question I would have for you is when and how did designing jewelry and clothes become your passion and exert of artistic expression? (History behind the artifice.)
Funkybling was established in 2007 through my passion in accessories i felt there was a lack in the market for accessories which rappresent boys and girls who are looking to express themselves in a bold,distinctive and unique way, so seeing this i created a range based on iconic messages which describe the different desire sand dark shadows of your personality …..basically i wanted to give a tattoo without the pain!!

How are you feeling this year, any big plans for 2010?
2010 will be a big year not only as its a new year but a new decade !!!

Could you talk a little more about your designing?
All my designs are inspired by the futuristic,edgy,loud feel of harajuku meets the west .
i mostly like to use lasered hand cut acrylic in all colours and embellish them with what i call my “icing” which are swarosky crystals .
the range consists of message cuffs,trio cuffs ,3 finger rings, big charm pendants,and small and large tags.

What are your thoughts about the increasing integration of music and the world of art and design?
For me the music industry is the single most important industry of the moment. in regards to fashion, music stars have taken over the whole supermodel and actors and the new generation does not really buy anymore vogue but prefers to look at youtube and emerging mags or music videos.

How is the Internet changing your craft?
Internet is a great way of the future i cant wait for more user friendly programs to make it easier for the non geeks!!

Are you down with the whole twitter thing? How is this an important outlet for you and others?
Twitter ? bring it onnnnn!!! i have not yet created an account but i did create a tweet me baby!! and facebook saved my life trio cuff which are great sellers!!!

Who are some people you want to be interacting with this year?
I would love to be approached by companies like nike,adidas,mac to make a super kool limited edition series with them .

I am extremely focused on getting my funkybling range exposed in all the key places around the globe .in these hard and tough economic times i have realized that you have to be very clever and brave with your vision and actually go for it!!

Could you talk about any long-term goals you have in mind?
My long term goal would be to expand funkybling into clothing/sunglasses/perfume/pet accessories and more.

Do you feel like what you are doing is important and in what way beneficial to you sector?
I would never do anything that is not beneficial to me or others as it would be worthless!! Funkybling is not about fashion but style and we all know that self expression and the way you present yourself is one of the most important things in life. I am a firm believer that when you look at something of beauty you feel good, so when you wear my pieces they are reminded of beauty plus their personal message they choose to give. this gives a flow of positive energy through the day .

When you started out did you think it would be a serious business?
All the best things in life come by chance and i am a big believer in this too.
funkybling is like a baby you cant wish it to grow ,it just does!! my job is to give it the best direction and enjoy to the full this experience!!

How do you separate yourself from others?
Through my experience i have learned that we are all connected and dont need separation as the more connections,the bigger network develops and more power is reached.

How do you describe your music to people?
Art and fashion is in my dna …so it flows through my veins and heart everyday!!

What have you stolen/learned from another artist lately?
I’ve learned from my year zero friends that you need to give an honest and direct message to make a connection with today’s public.

Must art have a relationship to the rest of the world?
Art in my opinion is the earliest form of communication since the stone age .

Describe your art as if we were blind?
Blindness does not stop from you to appreciate art. There are so many people that have vision but cannot appreciate beauty! When i design my funkybling collection i use all my senses including lots of taste and the feel of them when u touch them you can detect the wording as they are 3 dimensional and cut out words and shapes!!…..hmmm we might have found a funkier and blingier braille language …lol!!!