Edition 16 – UK Edition

The Editors Note: Editorial

After months of preparing the longly anticipated UK Issue, slowly did the layers of what Convention as magazine stood for, revealing itself to be incredibly relavent to the UK’s arts world especially in its sisterly link between New York City and London Town. This issue allowed us to showcase artists at their very core, and reveal art in all its truth, variety and pureness at heart. After following the looming sound of the bass filled underground we discovered the hidden treasures that make up the ever thriving, vibrant and slightly eerie London Art Scene. The darkest night’s bringing forth the truest and most potent light, in ancient dundgen volts in which we rediscovered the ever living art of burlesque. You will quickly find through reading the issue, as I did, that Art lives like a parasite, living off human existance , living at the expense of its host,yet its power is so sublime and so unstoppable. This issue has been a joy to put together, clearly symbolizing the artistic ideals that make the rhythm to our every heart beat.

– Bonnie (BBhollogramz) Bulle, UK Editor


UK Editor   Bonnie (BBhollogramz) Bulle

Creative Director   Ashleigh Azariah

A Special Thanks to the artists who are featured in the issue

– Tatum Mazzili
– Ema Tha Kid
– Nonstie I Am Poetry
– Sophia Rose
– DJ Motive
– Danielle Scott-Haughton
– Kevin Morosky
– Shamz Le Roc


Rivah Feseha
Yordanos Meconnen
Nigel Ruwende