Interview with Kevin Morosky

How are you feeling this year, any big plans for 2010?
Im feeling like I did 1min before 12 on the 31st Dec.. Patient. 2010 should see the release of my first book ‘Track 12 Vauxhall and his Barbour Jacket” (Cut & paste prose vol.1) It documents a relationships it’s beginning, middle and end of it. it comes in two forms. Book one is 110pgs of rants/loves notes that narrate the relationship along side the pictures in the book. The rants were all thought of during the course of the relationship. Diary entries if you will. Book two is just the rants on there own, 30pgs ‘Track 12’ is track 12 from Notorious B.I.G first album ‘Me and My bitch’ The relationship had lots of ups and downs but we always knew where home was, pretty much the sentiment of that song. Vauxhall is the back drop to the story. And the the Barbour Jacket was my favorite possession of his at the time. Short film about the book also titled ‘Track 12 Vauxhall and his Barbour Jacket” Not so much about the book but I wanted to do a moving image interpretation of the book, its inter-cut with interviews with different people and their views on love. More DJ sets and Parties from my DJ outfit ‘The White kids’ Online magazine. Gloria loves valentine projects and shoots. Solo exhibitions and joint exhibitions in europe and US

Could you talk a little more about your Photography?
My photography. Is very snap shot. I prefer to shoot with disposable camera. The cheaper the better. I like having no control, I hate retouching images I wanna present the truth. I like to capture what was there and then I dont care for light or positions or focus. If I wanna take a picture I take a picture. Im capturing moments for me and no one else. If other just by chance happen to like the images, then great. If not then, who cares it was never for anyone else anyway.

So what is the motivation behind your whole movement?
I run a creative outfit/gang you might say called Gloria Loves Valentine. Gloria and Valentine are my Grandparents, they moved over with nothing from Jamaica but just the feeling that they belonged together. 50yrs later of marriage 7 kids 16 grand kids and some great grand kids here you have me the oldest of these Grandkids using that same feeling for the foundation of everything me and my ‘gang’ do. Love.. If I love it I pursue it and and build on it anything else is irrelevant.

Who are some people you would like to work with?
Photography wise Terry Richardson, Nan Goldin I just wanna follow them around. Regards to who I’d like to take pictures of, I’m only interested in documenting my life, so Im pretty much covered. Actually I wanna take pictures of Amy Whinehouse.. Thats it.

What are your thoughts about the increasing integration of Photogra-phy and Hip Hop?
Its needed. If you look at images capture in the book ‘Back in the day’ by Jamel Shabazz, you see the beauty of the people at the center of the hip-hop culture at that time. All theses things need to be documented to inspire todays youth and also show lame rappers of today that they have no idea what swagger actually is. Most importantly to show how far we’ve come.

How is the Internet changing your craft?
Exposure is nothing but a click away. You know? We have our own tv channels You-tube, its amazing. But at the same time I get scared that were loosing the physical attributes of it all.. Like now people send a email full of cute acronyms like lol and such shit, Im still quite attached to a hand written letter. My point is with art, any art its a physical thing and we must not forget that.

Are you down with the whole twitter thing? How is this an important outlet for you and others?
I didn’t get twitter at first.. I was like huh? But now I must say I am all over that. Its amazing to see how people think and collect there thoughts. Espe-cially when they just blurt them out in 140 character limits. Its a great tool you can create serious mini movements with the right subject.. Powerful

Who are some people you want to be interacting with this year?
Cut and Swallow
Shot By Shooter
Yael Fachler

Could you talk about any long-term goals you have in mind?
Just to support the right people and projects.. Nothing more nothing less. I wanna drop a book a yr. after these first ones, I just wanna write and take pictures. Buy a house next year, have a kid the year after.

Do you feel like what you are doing is important and in what way bene-ficial to you sector?
I think there’s an intelligence to my approach to things. I also think there is a rough edge to what I do. I am gutsy, smart. Confident. I mix it well. Where I am from there are a lot of talented people, but there attitude or lack of understanding of how to interrogate with other forms of expression leaves them without options to progress. I think I am part of a few that has perfected the art of using that ‘road talk’ as a form of defense rather then trying to constantly speak to the whole world in that mind frame. I think its important to my sector if indeed I am apart of one because it install trust in bigger cooperation to hunt for talent in forgotten places rather then hashing out the same creatives over and over again.

When you started out did you think it would be a serious business?
Yeah everything I do is serious. Everything I embark on is because I love the idea, because the idea is full of goodness, I have no time for anything else. Love isn’t a play thing there for I have no choice but to be serious.

How do you separate yourself from others?
I do me. By that I mean I’d rather get shot in my face then brake my standards, morals or principles. A lot if not most people in general dont process the understanding of morals and general good etiquette. Because of this they get tangled up in the lies that come back to haunt them, while Im left to run around collecting dues happier then a mothefucker.. Also I dont consider my self to be a photographer, so you cant compare us. Im a 20-something loyal to his friends and dreams south Londoner with a love of falling in love, Antiques switch blades and pirates. who happens to have a camera.. That Camera needs me more then I need it.
Kinda like how them beat and songs need Amy Whinehouse more then she needed them.

Where is your Favorite place to create art?
Anywhere my smile and heartbreak is or has been.

The art and party scene have come together in recent years, why do you think this has happened?
I think they are one in the same thing… Any good party has a vibe a energy, when your creating a piece of work its the same thing.. Its inevitable that they have attracted eachother

How do you describe your photography to people?
My memories

What have you stolen/learned/influened from another artist lately?
I learned from biggie to not write my rants down. So the rants in the book are effectively readable freestyles. They more free falling this way.
He the Notorious Big is my biggest influence. In my writing and my photogra-phy. He was a great story teller, he caught aspects, little details of the situa-tion he was describing and knew what words to use to bring it to life. Thats what I try to do everytime I write everytime I take a picture catch that mo-ment, that small detail that if missed and not quoted would make the rest of the story useless.

Must art have a relationship to the rest of the world?
We are all connected. So its more important for you to be connected with your art, the rest will naturally take care of its self

Describe who a fan of your photography is:
People who fall in love 6 times a day and actually mean it
People that hate the rain, but would happily walk around init getting soaked in hopes of prolonging the unexpected conversation they are having with a maybe soul-mate

Describe your art as if we were blind?
Soft half erected grins, drawn on faces with chalk pastel sticks. Lonely