Interview with Shamz Le Roc

Hey Shamz Le Roc glad to have you here. The first question I would have for you is when and how did Music become your passion and exert of artistic expression? (History behind the music/artifice.)

I’ve always had a passion for music, it runs in the family. Although at first I was too shy to admit I wanted to be a singer. When you have an older sibling in the industry it’s always easy to be looked upon as the copy cat, But as the years passed I realized it was something I was really talented in and wanted to do.

How are you feeling this year, any big plans for 2009?
The mixtape is set for release early June, we’ll see how that goes…

Could you talk a little more about your Music?
Its good music, well I would say that wouldn’t I, because it’s my music.

So what is the motivation behind your whole movement?
Creativity, self expression and escapism.

Who are some people you would like to work with?
Number one on my hit list is Hudson Mohawke I think we could be some form of a dynamic duo. His production is crazy! Secondly, Busta Rhymes. He’s one of my biggest influences and I would literally be honored to grace a track with him.

What are your thoughts about the increasing integration of dance music and Hip Hop?
Its always good to see two styles fused together.

How is the Internet changing your craft?
It hasn’t really changed my craft. It’s been a part of it from the beginning. I’m a part of the D.I.Y generation. We started off with the internet. We are the internet.

Are you down with the whole twitter thing? How is this an important outlet for you and others?
Twitter is my crack. Sniff sniff. I have so many sporadic thoughts that I feel need to be shared with my tweet world. It’s also a great and easy networking tool though.

Who are some people you want to be interacting with this year?
People who appreciate art in all forms from music to fashion to film.

Could you talk about any long-term goals you have in mind?
Continue to create good music and build a Shamz Le Roc empire, 50 cent style.

When you started out did you think it would be a serious business?
I actually didn’t. I didn’t know all behind the scenes things that take place. From the simple stuff like mixing and mastering and how long that takes… Even finding studio time can be a killer, or the correct producers to work with that understand your sound. Those are all important when starting out and are part of the business.

How do you separate yourself from others?
I don’t. I have 2 eyes, 2 ears and 1 heart like everyone else.

Where is your Favorite place to create art?
In my bedroom alone. That way no one has their lil two cents to put in.

The art and party scene have come together in recent years, why do you think this has happened?
They’ve always been together. That’s like saying just because your into art you don’t party…

How do you describe your music to people?
I actually rather them listen to it and have them describe it to me.

What have you stolen/learned from another artist lately?
Hard work ALWAYS pays off. I learnt this from the one and only Beyonce. She does NOT play.

Must art have a relationship to the rest of the world?
Art is a universal language that always translates to the rest of the world.

Describe who a fan of your music is:
A person who likes good music isn’t confined by genre.

Describe your art as if we were deaf?
That good shit.