Interview with Jazzy Rebel | Edition XIX

How do you describe your Photography to people?
I describe it as fashion, musical blend in an artistic way…with a some edge to it. A bit of JazzyRebel in every image. A story or experience in every shot or series.  
Did your early photographic goals include earning a living from photography, or did it start as a way to express yourself creatively?
I started with my creativeness…then i went threw somethings and started expressing it threw the images…people around started to understand what i did…then i was like…hell i can make a life of this….im in it til the my finger doesn’t work. Its been the best decision I’ve made for my life since.
Do you remember your first photography sale?
hmmm….wow…my first shoot was…a mini powershoot to build up my portfolio to finish school. It was fun and exciting, i had butterflies of excitement…i knew from there that i wanted that feeling forever.
Who are some people you would like to work with?
Well…that’s a hard question because my list and end list…it always changes but ill say all my tattoo family, other fashion and shoe designers, some artist…i would love to shoot Amber Rose thow…with my own personal “Rebel Touch”…but really who ever i can….i believe that everyone should have a lil “Rebel Touch” in their life at sometime.

Do you feel like what you are doing is important?
Actually i do….i feel like my work is more that just an image or a picture but art…it expresses something that either others can relate to or have experienced, its different. I push images to the limit and i sometimes feels others are scared to do because of the out come. But i truly love what i do…i live for it.

How do you separate yourself from others?
I love to build relationship with my clients and models or “subjects” that i shoot….i get personal with them to show the real them. Ive excepted that i shoot differently, edit differently and i can be scattered everywhere but that’s because im excited about what i do…Photography.

Must art have a relationship to the rest of the world?
I believe so my slogan is “Sex sells but Art last longer”…because after the satisfaction is done, its over…but then when you come across that amazing piece of Art that sticks with you forever.
Lastly, could you talk about any long-term goals you have in mind?
I can give you a lil something…lol…umm with photography im gonna be spreading my Brand out….with what i do i plan on making it all reality …from music…to fashion with photography. So Phase 1 is this photography then Phase 2 is in the process and i plan on Phase 3 for next year…so im gonna be having my hands in all kinds of things…im very excited about this movement as well.