Interview with Dom O Briggs | Edition XIX.5

• Performing Artist •

Name: Dom O Briggs
Age: 20
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Describe your sound as if we were deaf
My sound would be a fun house mirror. You would see yourself, just in a different form.

What producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspirations?
Musiq Soulchild, Pharrell, Kanye, Jay-Z, Lupe….I mean, the regular folks that influenced our generation.
Do you have a favorite musical project that you’ve worked on?
Always Inspire(d). That’s my recent project. It helps me get through the day sometimes. A lot of people can relate to me too. Its about love and life and inspiration and life.

What was the main factor for launching your career when you did?
I only started because of the love I have for music. People fail to realize that in life, you go through SO MUCH. Music is ALWAYS a mood changer or motivation. Its a beautiful thing.

Who are some people you would like to work with?
I want to work with Music Soulchild. That’s always been a goal for me.

How is the internet changing your craft?
It gives the music 8 legs on the “World Wide Web”. There’s really no telling how many people listen to your music or connect with you. It can be a blessing.

Do you feel like what you are doing is important?
Yes. Me personally, I’m just a vessel The music I make can really change lives. Not saying I’m the best or a prophet. I’m just saying, people live through connections. Music is life. I want my musical connection to be potent and relate-able.

Lastly, could you talk about any long-term goals or talents you have in mind?
I would love to venture off into acting, fashion, painting, producing….I would like to create in any and every way I can. I love art and appreciate every form of it. I would love to snag a couple Grammy’s though. Hopefully.

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