Interview with Piff Gang

Image_UK2_Piff Gang

Name: Piff Gang
Artist: Rap Collective
Location: London, UK.

Twitter: @piffganguk

Written by Ashleigh Azariah
Photography: Yordanos (@yordameconnen)

“We make music, get wavy and rock crowds.”

In just over a year the rap collective Piff Gang have released various mixtapes, built up a healthy following and received support from the likes of Asap Rocky, Ace & Vis (BBC 1xtra), DJ MK & Shortee Blitz, SBTV, Tim & Barry and Trapstar.

“We’re just focused on building the fan base, with every song we record and every show we do we’re getting better. It gets wavier as time goes on and we’re collecting more fans every day, we’re starting to get more support from major radio stations, so we’re just keeping it moving.”

The collective consists of Phaze One, Super Dertie, Skout, Don Silk, Skits, Relly Rellz and Prince, and if that’s not enough of them, there’s also Producers Crankz and Budgie, plus manager and DJ, Motive. Since releasing their debut mixtape ‘Piff Breaks & 808s’, dropped in September 2011, followed by ‘Mary Piffmas’ on Christmas Day, Plant Life and Green House, the Piffers have supported acts such as Mac Miller, Wu Block (Ghostface & Sheek), Maybach Music’s Stalley, Nipsey Hussle, MED & Action Bronson.

It’s fairly safe to say Piff Gang are creating a new lane for UK hip hop, “No one in the UK makes the kind of music we are. We’re kids from London and we’re enjoying ourselves, partying and swagging out. Everyone else is about how gangster they are and what they’ll do to another dude if they fuck with them or how much drugs they move… Fuck that, lets get wavey! Us, our boys ItsNate and Ash Catch Em and a few others are starting a new wave.” Whether it’s the music or the characters Piff Gang stand out, separating themselves from others in the industry, “you can’t confuse us with anyone else.”

The Internet is continuously helping give musicians in general a voice and its definitely helped PG, “We’re a rap crew getting shows, radio play, press & building a fan base, but we haven’t pressed one CD! Tumblr, Soundcloud, Sendspace are all we’ve used. 10 years ago it was very different for upcoming artists.” Having a Tumblr full of pictures of the Piffers, before they even had any music out also helped to build the Piff Gang identity and got people intrigued, so the music was eagerly anticipated. Regularly cooked up “Wavey Ignorant Swag Music” might not seem important at first glance to the UK music sector, but the UK is a diverse place, “Our whole wave is important for the UK, we’re representing kids who haven’t had a voice until now.”

Inspired by East Coast Rap, G Funk and Chopped & Screwed vibes, mixed with UK flavour influenced by Grime & UKG, the crew kick raps over samples, synths and raw drums. With a mixture of bangers & mellow beats as their backdrop, the MCs create music for the car & club, plus laid back music to fly to. If given the chance Piff Gang would work with Asap Rocky, Clams Casino, Cardo, Hudson Mowhawke, Ski Beats, S-X, Lex Luger and 2 Chainz.

“Piff Gang is a very new thing even for us, what we’ve achieved so far has us very positive for 2013, we’re upping the levels for our next project!”