Interview with GLUTNY


Brand Name: GLUTNY
Designer Name: Chris Hollywood
Age: 24
Hometown: NYC
Location: Corona, Queens

How do you describe your Brand to people?
Known as one of the seven deadly sins, GLUTNY is the over consumption of anything to the point of waste. We always want, we always need, and we never satisfy. With that being said this brand is not just clothes you wear it’s who you are.

What is the motivation behind your whole movement?
Everyday. Life. People. The world we live in. My hometown New York. For me this brand is not a movement, it’s more of a culture. GLUTNY is not only a clothing line but also simply a form of lifestyle we are born to.

When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?
To be honest I just wanted to rock my own shit. There goes the pig in me hahaha. But honestly from an early age I was very out spoken, rebellious, a radical thinker, detailed orientated, very business savvy and loved standing behind substance. With all that being said I was fresh out of high school and said I should use my skills to create a brand everyone can relate too.

And what was the first article of clothing you ever designed?
I consider myself to be more a visionary or creative director you can say for GLUTNY. I’ve always worked with selective designers in the past and present in bringing to life my vision for a design concept. Not saying I can’t design myself but I’m involve in all aspects of the brand from designing, sampling and production, marketing and sales. I personally prefer to work with a designer for the experience of taking an idea I have in mind or sketch on paper to greater heights. Not excluding my abilities to design, last year as an example I actually designed my first mini capsule collection called “The Cunanan”. This capsule was a recreation inspired by Italian designer Gianni Versace’s brand logo “Versace”, altered with the support of the brand message behind GLUTNY. The response for “The Cunanan” was so big and many have been demanding for me to rerelease it again; I may consider their request hahaha.

What was the main factor for launching your line when you did?
Timing is everything. I’ve been building GLUTNY since 2007. I found myself in a legal situation along the way against global retail company H&M in the process of fully launching the brand, in which I dedicated so much time and energy in battling in court, in results it took time away from me devoting to the brand. I was so frustrated, had so much anger, felt like everyone especially our youth didn’t have a voice, and they were scared to stand behind something they believed in or be themselves. Two albums released last year really sparked that fire within me to take a stand in what I believe in and be true to myself; “Yeezus” by Kanye West and “Magna Carta” by Jay-Z. Songs as “Tom Ford”, “Black Skinhead” and “New Slaves”, gave me that push to recollect the purpose behind why I even started GLUTNY and with everything going on and the state of pop culture, society and fashion lacking originality, I said its time. It motivated me and inspired me to want to fully re vamp the brand and drop my first capsule collection “BRANDED”. Expanding on the brands image, this collection focuses on the avant – garde “LOUD” and “BOLD” visual message behind the designs using iconic fashion house logos we are BRANDED too.

What is your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?
I love to create a story behind every design that relates back to brand.

Do you feel like what you are doing is important?
Absolutely. As I mentioned earlier, GLUTNY is not only a clothing line but also simply a form of lifestyle we are born to. I feel like as we get older we forget who we are, where we come from, lose focus and life value. This brand educates consumers alike towards individualism.

Your concepts are very unique and original is there a pressure to always maintain that consistency with your new designs?
Honestly there’s no pressure at all to maintain the consistency on new designs. I get inspired on a daily basis by the littlest things people wouldn’t pay mind too. My eyes, and mind are always working together to create a vision to illustrate thru clothing.

How do you separate yourself from others?
Staying true to myself and standing behind my brand. Knowing what I want. I pride myself in innovative and groundbreaking radical visual designs that will impact all consumers alike. I’m here to make a statement, make history, and create my own lane in streetwear clothing not aiming to build just hype but a brand with longevity and dignity.

Would you sell if someone came along and offered to buy you out?
Haha, you know what’s funny; automatically many would say “HELL NO! This is my baby, my craft, I would never sell out”. A lot of people and designers get this statement misconstrued. In reality you have to understand this is a business. As much as we want to say we not doing it for the money, so why sell it? Just give it out for free if that’s the case. But no, we pride ourselves in our craft of creating and put a value to our work. Many can agree to disagree but there’s so much one can do at some given point in time you would want to expand but you don’t have the keys to open all doors. I knew what I was getting myself into when I created GLUTNY and as the years went by I learned more and understood where I wanted the brand to become and stand for. This is a business of course I would consider to sell the brand, under certain circumstances and conditions. I won’t completely sell out though. As Marc Ecko said it’s about “Selling You Without Selling Out”.

Lastly, could you talk about any long-term goals you have in mind?
I’m always thinking long term; as for me GLUTNY isn’t just something for the moment. I’m building a brand I want to expand and grow. For now the brand is unisex eventually I would like to create sub brands underneath GLUTNY for woman and kids. Open up a few pop up shops and slowly transition into flagship stores in Cali, Miami and of course my hometown New York.